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Reducing the footprint 1 hectare at a time!
Richardson Environmental Consulting Services



Richardson Environmental Consulting Services has been providing oil and gas wellsite remediation and reclamation expertise since

1999. Located in Athabasca Alberta, we have experience dealing with the unique challenges of Northern Alberta Landscapes.


With over 60 years combined experience providing environmental services. Our staff include;

  • Professional Agrologists
  • Agrologists In Training
  • Biologists


Our staff have experience in government, scientific research and the oil and gas industry ranging from heavy equipment operating

to supervision and reporting of reclamation and remediation to meet and exceed Alberta Regulations.


Richardson Environmental Consulting Services is committed to safe work practices and safe job-sites. We maintain a Small

Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) and are active members of ISNetworld.


Richardson Environmental Consulting

Services maintains memberships with

Cortex Business Solutions and ADP

Open Invoice.